Qualification and Certification

Certification of welders and welding techniques.
Approved welding procedures and certified welders are the basis for guaranteeing welding quality. Acquiring the necessary qualifications requires extensive knowledge of welding and welding practices, thus allowing the correct choice to be made.

Qualification of welders and welding techniques can be carried out to comply with various standards such as the EN ISO 15614-serie, EN ISO 9606-serie, AWS D1.1. en ASME IX. In addition, extra requirements such as those for offshore or client specific demands can be taken into account.

K-Joint Weldconsultancy works with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping throughout the qualification process and the issuing of certificates. It is also possible to use other certifying bodies such as DNV, ABS or Veritas, please contact us for further information.

Since 2008 K-Joint Weldconsultancy has carried out the complete examination and qualification process on behalf of Det Norske Veritas Certification (DNV)