Welding inspection

Clients such as Tata Steel, Shell, DSM, Mammoet etc. often own equipmentmade from specialised material. To process this material they develop their own specifications, referring to international standards for welding techniques, often supplemented by their own additional requirements. With such guiding principles it is possible to obtain acceptable weldingtasks in a secured manner. This is in the interests of sustainability and reliability, but also for personal safety and liability should a lack of structure or material arise.
With new build and also maintenance of existing installations, supervision and inspection of the execution of work is either necessary or a specific requirement to realise the desired quality levels. Welding inspections can be divided into supervision of new builds or restoration, and the regular checking of welded structures and material.

Welding inspections are not only necessary for the activities of the client, but also for the activities of any third parties involved. K-Joint Weldconsultancy regularly receives requests to carry out welding inspections at activities performed both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Checking of Structures and Material

K-Joint Weldconsultancy is often called in to resolve problems with welded materials such as formation of cracks, breaks and corrosion. On the basis of damage assessment (from visual inspection to advanced laboratory research) it is possible to ascertain the cause of a problem. On this basis, and in combination with experience and available knowledge, a solution is achievable. With a structured approach it is not only possible to prevent a problem occurring, but also achieve long-term savings in management and maintenance.

Since 2013 K-Joint Weldconsultancy is available for CSWIP Welding Inspector 2.1 and Senior Welding Inspector 3.2.1.