Technical Welding Advice

Good welding is not always easy or straightforward. Increased regulation and quality assurances, and complex high strength materials often in combination with high temperatures serve to make it a specialised profession where outside help is often required. K-Joint Weldconsultancy advises on the choice of welding process, procedure qualifications, welding procedures (WPS), planning of complex welding sequencing in order to maintain measurement accuracy, welding inspection planning, welding mechanisation, material choice for the welding of non-corrosive layers, problem resolution for welding errors or failure, problems with mechanical and robotic welding, fabrication manuals etc.

Information and Presentations about Welding Techniques

Specific delivery of information for iron workers, welders, planners, engineers and supervisors. One-on-one or group sessions to include areas of technical importance such as :

Working with high strength steels such as S690QT, S770QT etc. to ensure a quick uptake of the correct working procedures, elimination of beginners’ errors and thus a rapid commencement of the task in hand in compliance with quality measurements. This information can also be delivered for aluminium, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, heat-resistant steel etc.

Working with the technical welding requirements of the client with particular regard to working practices and standards. The relationships between the certification of procedure qualification record (PQR), welding procedure specification (WPS), welder performance qualification (WPQ) and associated areas of validity according to the correct standards become more transparent and are therefore easier to handle.

Workshops on quality assurances in welding techniques. This covers the EN-ISO 3834, highlighting all the ‘ins and outs’ and therefore enabling a tailored, pragmatic practical application.