Education and Training

As a result of safety requirements, reliability in production and liability issues, increasingly higher demands are made for those carrying out welding. Ever more customers are demanding approved welding techniques and certified welders. With in company training programmes and tailored technical support, K-Joint Weldconsultancy can provide solutions to enable companies to meet these demands.

Theory and Practice

K-Joint Weldconsultancy assesses each project based on who is to undertake it: the welders. What is their ability, how do they work, which welding regulations apply, what is the client’s requirements and what means are available? To this end an appropriate package can be put together, with the emphasis on ‘why?’. This approach covers not only the desired learning goals but also leads to an improved problem solving ability in the student, and a new respect for the profession. In company Welding Training at all levels, such as:

  • GMAW with solid and / or filled wire, both pulsingand non-pulsing; in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metals.

  • Innershield welding.

  • GTAW, SMAW and Oxy-fuel welding.

  • Inclosed stick electrode welding and Aluminothermic welding of crane rails.

  • SAW with wire and tape.

  • Mechanised and robotic GMAW conventional and / or pulsing, Twin-Arc, Tandem arc and GTAW welding. Specialised in thick-and thin-walled aluminium and welding at high speed.

  • Overlay techniques for hardfacing and anti-corrosive applications.

  • SMAW and GMAW ‘on the job’ coaching for tack-welders, iron-workers and maintenance mechanics.

  • The goal is the improvement of techniques and / or the learning of only the necessary techniques for carrying out for example welding in different positions.

  • Improved welding techniques for welders at the highest skill level. The eradication of errors whilst welding and the acquisition of welding skills within optimal parameters.

Subsidies and tax advantages are availaSble for training courses. Please contact us for further information.