Supervison weldprojects

What do we mean by supervision?

The client, Mammoet, installs lifting systems on a worldwide basis with a capacity of 5000 tons and occasionally even more. Sometimes it becomes necessary to increase the lifting capacity of a system. In such cases it is required to calculate where, and in what form, strengthening plates should be placed. The correct parts must be cut to size and delivered to the construction site, wherever in the world.

As such a requirement uses mainly high strength steel, such as type S690QL1, the requisite welding work is also very high. K-Joint Weldconsultancy is regularly asked by Mammoet to carry out this task. A team of qualified welders and experienced iron workers is assembled, which, under the supervision of Kees Veeken, carries out the augmentation, often in combination with modification and repair works. As necessary the welders acquire additional qualifications to enable the task to be completed.

Supervision means the joint organisation of all the necessary resources to complete the project, the heading up of the professional team, creating WPS and planning of the welding sequence, taking care of the NDO tasks, accompanying the Notified Bodies who permanently observe the work in progress, assessing the quality of the welding, creation of all documentation and a production manual, and resolving any personnel and additional issues.

For any client with a requirement for high quality welding works for projects both in the Netherlands and abroad, K-Joint Weldconsultancy can provide a complete and experienced end-to-end solution.